The Scripture Union Almanac 1901

The Scripture Union Almanac 1901  "Also day by day,from the first day unto the last day, he read in the book of the law of God," NEH viii, 18. Children's Special Service Mission  13a Warwick Lane London Price One Penny

Children's Special Service Mission 

Josiah Spiers at Islington, London (1867) On 2 June 1867 Josiah Spiers spoke to fifteen children in the drawing room of Thomas ‘Pious’ Hughes’ home at 309 Essex Road, Islington, London, pioneering a new approach to sharing Christ with children. Josiah taught the children hymns and choruses and told them stories of Jesus in a way that they could understand. It was also so lively, so informal and so very different from the boring sermons they had sat through in their churches that all the children returned the following week with some of their friends. By 17 November, the Hughes’ had a capacity crowd of fifty children in their front room. They needed a larger auditorium, so on 8 December the Children’s Spec…